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Counting down to the end of the exams now, it can’t come quick enough for James (name changed). But we had a lovely weekend. It was my granddaughter’s christening, over in Surrey so we had a trip over there on Sunday morning. Paige came too so there we were all suited and booted and looking splendid.

I had taken James out on Saturday to buy him a suit and a shirt to go with it. He went for one of those very slim fitting jobs (not jealous) and a pair of shoes which even had my bunion twitching. But he looked very smart and Paige looked very pretty in her dress. 

So on Saturday, after suit shopping, we had some lunch and did some food shopping. James wanted to buy some stuff for his fish tank so we stopped for that at the garden centre. They had some lovely home made pies in the food part so I got a couple of meat ones and a couple of apple pies too. We got home and James hung his clothes up while I put the other shopping away.

We sat and watched a bit of TV and just chilled for a couple of hours while we decided what to have for dinner. We went for a Chinese in the end, courtesy of our friends at Uber. We found a film to watch in the evening and enjoyed our food whilst we watched it. We didn’t have a late night with James going to bed about 11 and I went off about midnight.

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So Sunday arrived and we were up fed and watered and on our way to collect Paige. She looked very nice and her dress was, coincidently, the same colour as James’ tie. They looked very much the young power couple and I made sure that I took loads of pictures of them both. The drive to the church took about an hour and actually took us past James’ football training ground. We got there early and managed to find a nice close parking space. We made our way into the church where a few people had already arrived. Some of my son’s friends were there so we did introductions.

Everybody else then turned up and James and Paige happily chatted away to my sons, their partners and other family members. The service wasn’t long, about 30 minutes and then we organised pictures. James was a bit shy about having his picture taken but I told him that he and Paige were very much part of the family and that I wanted them in all the family pictures.

After the pictures were done we went over to a local pub for a reception and had food. It was nice to take the tie off and to sit and chat to everybody. James and Paige were relaxed and were very much part of the conversations.

We finally left about 5 and had a reasonably easy journey home, again taking about an hour. We dropped Paige home and her Mum asked if I could send some of the pictures through for them to see. It was nice to get home and James and I were both changed into shorts and t-shirts within seconds of walking through the door.

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