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July already, where is the year going? James (name changed) has finished his exams so we had a meal out to celebrate along with Paige and her parents. We went to a local Indian restaurant and had a lovely evening with tasty food and great company. 

The weekend went pretty much to plan. Saturday morning was a nice lay in. I was up at 9 but James surfaced about 11. After a cuppa we headed off to the garden centre for brunch and James wanted to buy a couple of fish for his tank as he’d suffered a couple of fatalities in the week.

The garden centre was quiet, which was unusual, and there appeared to be more people wearing masks than there had been recently. When we left there we went to JD sports as James also had a nice little bonus to spend. He treated himself to some nice summer shorts and a couple of t-shirts.

We headed home and I left James to do the introduction ceremony with the new fish. I put the shopping away and kicked the freezer to see what we would have for tea. After we ate we sat down to an evening of Netflix binging and a movie to finish of the day.

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Sunday was pretty laid back too. After a late start James was heading off to Paige’s for dinner so I dropped him over there and came home to watch the Grand Prix and do a few chores. The garden needed a bit of a trim and plenty of water so I managed to get that done. After the Grand Prix I sat in the garden and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Paige’s Dad was dropping him home so I had no need to set foot out of the house. I had a brief chat with my neighbour who was very nice about James, saying how he was growing into a nice young man. Obviously I agreed. When James got home we watched the Grand Prix highlights as James hadn’t watched it at Paige’s.

James had the Monday off for some reason, so we headed off to the coast for a nice long walk and some fresh air in our lungs. We had a lovely fish and chips pub lunch and then sat on the front with an ice cream and watched the world go by. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

When we got home James got his school stuff ready for the following day and I made some calls and updated my diary for the weekend and Monday. I spoke to my Supervising Social Worker just to touch base and put myself down for some training and also booked in a visit for a couple of weeks’ time.

James went off to school, the following day, and I did some washing and tidying. I’m a bit weird in that I enjoy doing a bit of housework as it gives me thinking time. I decided that I would sit down with James, over the next few days and look at a holiday, somewhere nice, for the summer. We had talked about it so it seemed like a good time to plan it and would give us both something to look forward to.

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