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Couldn’t Sleep Blog

Had another guy ring me today, who is interesting in Fostering. A single chap who is divorced and has recently lost his job due to Covid. That’s about 5 men who have called me now to ask about becoming a carer.

Hopefully, this will now become a regular situation and not considered ‘strange’ in any way. Some of these young lads in care could do with a male role model and this is an excellent way of giving them that situation. It’s now down to agencies to provide the training and encouragement for men who are thinking of a career in Fostering.

I’ve seen some of the recent advertising for Foster Carers and a lot of it is still focussed around the ‘have you got a spare room’ which I don’t really agree with. It kind of indicates that the only qualification you need to Foster is a spare room and we know that’s not the case.

Yet again it’s that patronising attitude towards Fostering and Foster Carer. If carers are to be treated in a more professional fashion then this sort of attitude needs to change. I’m sure we have all been patronised at one stage or another by a Social Worker or someone in a local authority, I know I have. I have ranted about this before but it’s about time carers were treated like the professional, trained people we are.

Took James (name changed) to training on Tuesday evening. It was great to see him enjoying himself and working hard. He was taking everything in his stride now and really enjoying life. After he finished we headed off home after getting all the details about Saturday’s match.

When we got home he had something to eat and we sat and watched TV for a while. He seemed very hyper and full of laughter and I thought back to the pale and skinny lad that had arrived all those months ago.

He went off to bed at 10 and I sorted out the dishwasher and put some washing on. For some reason I couldn’t get off to sleep, I lay there for ages tossing and turning and in the end got up and went and made a cup of tea. I sat in the garden as it was quite a mild night and enjoyed the quiet. I went back to bed and went off quite quickly.

When James went off to school I received a phone call from someone I knew from a previous job, outside of Fostering. He said that I had been identified as somebody who could do a job for a new ‘start-up’ company.

They were looking for an experienced person with lots of connections, which I have. The money that was mentioned was top notch and there was a pension and company car.

He left it with me and said he would call back at the end of the week, so I had some thinking to do. To be honest the thinking only lasted about 5 minutes as I was quite happy doing what I am doing.

It’s stress-free, normally, and I don’t have to deal with all the rubbish that comes with an office job. Most importantly I couldn’t let James down so not wanting to waste anyone’s time I rang the guy back and said thanks but no thanks.

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