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Another expensive weekend! James (name changed) scored 4 goals this time which cost me £25.

It was a really lovely autumnal morning, sunny and fresh and it was very enjoyable watching him play so well and enjoy his football. Paige had joined us and I think that helped his performance a little.

We left the ground and headed to our favourite garden centre for lunch or brunch. It was packed in there and they had already set up their Christmas section. The whole subject of Christmas came up and James said he was very excited this year and couldn’t wait for it.

We walked around the centre and James found some stuff to spend his £25 on, a nice bunch of flowers for Paige and some chocolate for me. I dropped James and Paige at Paige’s house and drove home. I had some chores to do indoors so I cracked on with them while it was quiet and peaceful.

About 5, I got a call from James saying that he had been invited to stay the night and was that ok with me. Of course, I said yes and I looked forward to an evening free from any responsibility. So it had to be a Chinese takeaway and a film.

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On Sunday James called to say he had been asked to stay for the day so I had a nice peaceful day to look forward to. One of my sons came over as his partner was away and I cooked us a roast and we watched the football on TV.

I saved some dinner for James in case he was hungry, which he normally was. My son left at about 5 and James got home about 6. Sure enough, he was hungry and sat and ate his roast dinner. He told me about his time with Paige’s family and what they had done.

We sat and watched the last football match on the telly and then both sorted out our stuff for the week. James seemed very happy and was very enthusiastic about the week ahead. The schooling wasn’t an issue with him anymore and he was healthy and had lots to look forward to.

On Monday, after James had gone off to school, I spoke to his Social Worker to get an update on what was going on. Mum has lodged a complaint against Social Services regarding Christmas and has repeated her requirements as to what was to happen over the Christmas period.

She was insisting on also receiving financial help regarding gifts and food for Christmas. The Local Authority had refused this as they were concerned about how the money would be spent. I told her what James had said regarding Christmas and how much he was looking forward to it.

We agreed that we would reconvene by the end of the week and that she would keep me posted on anything that happened.

Again, I thought it would be sensible to not say anything to James. I updated my link-worker who agreed that we should keep things from James until we knew what was happening.

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