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Blogging again.

Yet another mad weekend. I had decided to invite some people round to the house to watch the football on Sunday.

A few friends, a couple of James’ (name changed) friends, Paige and her parents. The idea would be to have food at about 6 and then watch the game at 8. So on Saturday James and I went to the supermarket and stocked up on barbeque stuff and all the stuff to go with it.

The bill was horrific but it was a one off and I wanted to do a good spread. The weather forecast didn’t look great so we arranged some furniture outside and some inside. I cleaned the barbeque down and attached a new gas bottle as the other one felt empty.

So once we had done all the preparation for Sunday we headed off to the gym for an hours torture. James seemed almost frenetic in his exercise and I guessed he was getting rid of all his frustration from the previous week.

His Mum hadn’t been mentioned again and I had no reason to mention it again. James was determined that he didn’t want contact and the social worker thought that he should. So I had decided to sit the whole situation out.

James was a stubborn lad when he wanted to be and I didn’t want the situation to cause friction between us. We got home, had tea and found a film to watch on the TV. Finally got to bed at about midnight.

Sunday Blog.

On Sunday we prepared some of the food so that everything was ready to go. People started arriving at 5:30 as there was a shortage of minicabs so people were just taking what they could get.

Everyone was there by 6 so I started cooking with the assistance of James. It was a great atmosphere and people had worn their England shirts for the occasion.

I had also put some bunting up and the garden looked great. The food was going down well and everyone was enjoying the atmosphere. We went into the front room at about 7:30 to enjoy the build-up and we had a democratic vote to watch it on the BBC.

The game was great for about 3 minutes, when England scored. After that it was nail biting and nerve wracking. We went into extra time and the penalties, which we lost.

It was a great effort and the lads had given 100%. James was upset, as we all were, and he another burger to make him feel better. We then had the cab problem again so we ended up waiting until well after midnight for the last guest to leave. I told James to go off to bed and I would start the clearing up in the morning.

James went off to school the following day and I started the clear up. I collected all the empty bottles and took them to the bottle bank nearby.

The dishwasher went on about 3 times and I’d really only just finished before James got home. We had some dinner and sat down both tired after the events of the day before.

James went to bed at 9 as he was so tired and I went up about 10 for a soak and then bed.

Fosterman’s Diary Blog.

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