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I have to admit that this heat is now boring. I love a hot holiday, Spain, Greece or Portugal but that feels different because you are on holiday but when you are at home and you are doing normal things and you are changing clothes and showering 3 times a day then it’s not fun.

I know James (name changed) is struggling with it too and not sleeping very well. He is looking tired and he’s finding it hard to get up in the morning, as am I. So, I went and picked him up from school and we drove to our local Curry’s superstore (other electrical stores are available).

Too Hot Blog.

I bought two portable air conditioning units for us. They were not cheap but they looked great and they were not noisy, unlike the current fans that sounded like a Jumbo Jet taking off.

We got them home and, of course, we set up James’ first. It was fantastic, so quiet and so cooling. So he was a happy camper. I set mine up and then started doing some kind of dinner. We’ve both really struggled finding something to watch on the telly since the football finished but we found a film to watch and James went off to bed early.

We both a great night’s sleep and were up and refreshed the following morning. James went off to school and I had a few chores to do and some housework to do as well. The day went really quickly and James got home about 4:30.

He got straight in the shower and then came out and asked what he should do with his school uniform. I looked him for a few seconds and he laughed and said that he broke up and the end of the week and, because of the weather, they were allowed to not wear uniform for the next 2 days. I had totally forgotten about him breaking up.

So we say down and discussed what we were going to do during the holidays. We had our Isle of Wight break arranged but, other than that, we both had no idea what we were going to do.

Our local authority had sent out a booklet with ideas for summer in it. I found it and sat and looked through it. James wasn’t keen on learning to ride a horse or rock climbing but I then found that a local golf course was offering under 16 golf lessons.

So we went online and registered and paid. I had a spare set of clubs in the garage and so he was all kitted out. James was excited. We also planned a couple of days out and then he told me that he had been invited down to Paige’s patents holiday home again, so we were filling out the days.

James’ social worker called me, when James was at school to ask if Id convinced him to meet Mum. I said that he was adamant that he wasn’t going to and that he was a stubborn boy who didn’t react well to being repeatedly asked.

I said I’d mention it when the time was right. I got the feeling she wasn’t impressed by that answer and she mentioned, again, about encouraging family contact.

I replied that I had encouraged every placement, in my fostering career, to have contact with family but I would never force a young person to meet if they really didn’t want to.

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