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We had a meeting today, as in actual people sitting and talking face to face. What a strange phenomenon that is? It meant I couldn’t sit at my computer screen in a polo shirt and shorts!

So I had to be a grown up and put jeans on. It started off with me, the Social Worker, and my Link Worker with James (name changed) joining us when he got home from school. We chatted about how the placement was going, any issues (there weren’t) and, generally how James was getting on.

The Social Worker then updated us on the whole Mum situation and what was being said and done. The general consensus was that Mum was no nearer being able to care for James than she was when he came into care. Mum had spoken very passionately about wanting James home but did little to make it happen.

There seemed little likelihood of James going back anytime soon. I was asked if I was happy to carry on caring for James, which I obviously was, and whether I had any long term plans which may affect the placement, which I didn’t.

James got home from school and made himself a cuppa and joined us. We had a general chat about how school was going and how he was getting on with Paige. I then excused myself and let them have a chat between the three of them.

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I pottered about for about an hour whilst James chatted and was eventually called back for a general chat. James then left us and I got an update from the Social Worker about what James had said, which was positive.

The Social Worker left about half four and I sat and chatted to my Link Worker for another half an hour whilst they went through my record logging and financial records. I’ve always been very proactive about record keeping and keep it up to date on a daily basis.

The Link Worker left and James and I sat with a cuppa talking about the meeting and his first day back to school. He said that lots of staff and pupils were off sick and the school appeared half empty. He had been asked to take a test when he got in which had come back negative. But he saw Paige and that made everything of for James.

We had dinner and sat and watched football on the telly. James went off to bed about 10 and I updated my diary with the day’s events, which took a while. I went off about 11. The following morning James went off and I planned some chores for the day.

I did some washing, tidying, cleaning and got the place pretty spick and span. I then went and did a ‘big’ shop and restocked all the things like cleaning products and washing pods. I got home about 3 and James got home about 4.

He commented on how clean the house looked and sat and did a bit of homework he had. We sat down for dinner and he told me about his day.

We talked about the upcoming weekend and found that neither of us really had any hard or fast plans so we would just see what came about.

Fosterman Foster Carer Blog.

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