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Feeling Better Foster Carers Blog

Funny how quickly we get back to normal. James (name changed) seems to have completely recovered whereas I feel a bit tired and lacking energy.

James has got back into his normal routine, up at 7, showers, breakfast, and leaves at 0745. Gets home at 1545 or 1600, does any homework, and then gets changed. He’ll have a chat with Paige, as he’s only spent half the day with her, and then dinner and TV.

He’ll go off to bed at about 10. Mines slightly different as I’m up an hour earlier and in bed an hour later. It seems to be like clockwork now and James seems happy to keep to that routine.

We had a nice weekend. James didn’t have football as he hasn’t done any training so we had a lie in, Saturday, and went to the Garden Centre for breakfast. James bought two more fish and some plants for the aquarium and I bought a couple of indoor plants for the kitchen. It was busy and I suppose about 50% were wearing masks, mostly older folk.

On the way home, we stopped at Tesco to stock up on food, both healthy and unhealthy. I do promote healthy eating for James but we both enjoy snacks and nibbles and the occasional fry up. During the week I tend to do a lot of pasta and some chicken but on the weekend we tend to go out somewhere for a breakfast and also have a takeaway on a Saturday which is generally Chinese.

Paige came around in the afternoon and stayed until the evening when her Dad picked her up. I left them to watch TV while I did some chores and generally stayed out of their way. They were watching one of the reality shows so I sat in the kitchen and watched Rugby on the iPad.

I ordered some food for about 7 and placed an order through Uber and it was here in 45 minutes. We all sat and ate, watching telly, and put something called The Masked Singer on. It’s Paige’s favourite show, apparently, so James and I sat there, exchanging an occasional glance and smirking.

What happened to the great Saturday night on TV? When I was a kid it was enjoyable on a Saturday night sitting down as a family and watching a whole night’s entertainment.

Sunday is, and always will be, a lazy day in my house. No alarm, get up when you want. I was up and drinking coffee at 0930 and James was up about 11.

He was eating breakfast in the kitchen and I asked him if he wanted to do anything, his answer was watch football on the TV. So that was our day.

I cooked a roast, which we ate on our laps, and that was our day. The football was good and we had a laugh as well. It was a really fun and relaxing way to spend Sunday.

James wasn’t even out of his pyjamas and I was in my shorts and t-shirt. So an enjoyable weekend all round and both of us felt a lot better.

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