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I have to admit that I am not a fan of this really hot weather and I found out that James (name changed) isn’t either.

It’s been a real struggle to sleep the last few days for both of us and we have both also struggled getting up in the morning. Being the nice guy I am I gave James my electric fan in the hope that it would help him sleep at night but he said it was far too noisy.

We went down to the Isle of Sheppey on Saturday which isn’t strictly the seaside but I knew that the coast would be very busy, which apparently it was.

Leysdown is a nice place that I used to go to when I was a teenager. It has a beach and amusements and places to get some food.

So we say on the sandy beach with a nice cool breeze and the occasional paddle to cool off. Both James and I smothered ourselves in sun cream and, basically, chilled.

With the events of the last week to ten days I have seen James looking very stressed and it was nice to see him relaxed and laughing again.

We stopped, on the way home, for dinner at a carvery in Rochester. Now I like a big dinner but the helpings were huge!! James eyes lit up when he saw his plate. However, funnily enough, we both ate all of it. So suitably fed and watered we headed home.

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James was spending the day with Paige the following day so I arranged to have breakfast with my sons. After the food the day before I wasn’t really for a full English but I gave it my best shot. We had a long chat and drunk far too many cups of tea and basically put the world to rights.

I left them about midday and headed home via the supermarket where I enjoyed walking up and down the frozen section cooling down. When I got home I put some washing on and then hung it in the garden. I sat down and put my feet up with the fan on me. It was lovely.

I fell asleep and was only woken up by one of my brothers ringing to say that he and his wife had Covid. We chatted for a while and then I was aware of James calling so I finished my chat with my brother and spoke to James.

He wanted to know if it was ok for him to stay ay Paige’s for dinner. I agreed, of course, and sat back down and watched some TV.

He finally got home about 9 and went and showered as he was so hot. He went to bed about 10 and I wasn’t long after, even though I’d had a sleep during the day.

We both struggled to get up the next day and I ran James to school as we were running a bit late and we both shared a dislike of being late for anything. He looked very happy as he went in and saw a couple of his mates.

I did some admin when I got in regarding his money and financial stuff. He was building up a nice sum in the bank for savings. After that I sat, sweating in the garden. Oh for some rain!

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