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Medals Training Foster Carers Blog

James (name changed) came home from school absolutely full of the joys of spring. He has been given an award for his endeavours at school and had to go up on the stage to collect it from the headteacher.

There was a really nice certificate and a medal in a presentation box. He received a round of applause from his year colleagues and the teachers.

I have to admit I was very proud of him too and told him that. I also made sure that the Social Workers knew about it and Paige’s dad texted him to say well done as well, which I thought was a nice touch. So, as a treat, I took him, after school, to buy him some trendy trainers he had wanted. He was over the moon!

When we got home I told him to choose a takeaway and we sat enjoyed a Chinese. James’ football had been put on hold as a few boys had Covid.

The next day James got home from school and announced that he was going for a run. So he got his gear on and went off, returning 30 minutes later hot and sweaty. He had a shower and sat and ate his dinner while we chatted about the coming weekend.

With his football on hold he wanted to be doing something to try to maintain his fitness levels. So we decided to go to the gym both days for an hour. We also agreed that, homework permitting, we would try to go in the week as well.

I have put on weight over the pandemic and really need to do something so we put a master plan into action.

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I would allow James to be my trainer! I did this some months ago but it crashed and burned due to the restrictions at the gym. With the restrictions lifted and the gym fully open it seemed like a good time to restart.

I told James that I would be totally in his hands and would do whatever he planned for me. I have really started something as he spent the rest of the evening on his laptop researching and watching YouTube videos about workouts.

I was beginning to wonder if I had done the right think when James said that we should look at our food intake.

Now I don’t mind exercising but I love my food and the thought of being on a diet brings me out in a cold sweat.

But James was insistent and said that we needed to limit our takeaway intake and that he would come and do the weekly shop with me. I think I have created a monster!

So the next day I didn’t do any food shopping and waited until James got home to pop to Tesco’s. James actually had a list that he had written at school.

I was impressed until he started putting boring stuff in the trolley. The positive side was that the bill was £10 cheaper than usual but the negative side was there was very little in the trolley that I was actually looking forward to eating.

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