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I think I put my foot in it with James (name changed). We were talking about Easter and I said that I expected he was too grown up for Easter Eggs and he looked horrified! So I’m guessing that he wants a couple. My sons are coming over during Easter so I updated them and they said that they wanted an Easter Egg too.

So now I have five people to buy for. So I went to the Supermarket and asked where the Easter eggs were only to be told that aren’t called Easter Eggs anymore they are called Festive Eggs. So I bought ten ‘Festive Eggs’ which set me back about £40.

James got the call he was waiting for that football, and football training, were recommencing. I’ve never seen him so excited. So when he got home from school on the Friday he was sorting all his kit out and sat in the garden cleaning his boots, which were clean anyway. So the weekend was spent over the park doing various drills and James running around a lot while I did what I excel at, standing still and shouting instructions.

The whole weekend was football free except for one England game so we had to find something else to watch on the telly. So we decided to binge watch a series of our choice. An hour later we are still deciding what to watch. So we came down to two. James wanted to watch Game of Thrones and I wanted to watch a series about space.

Anyway in the end we watched Game of Thrones, literally on the toss of a coin. So we sat and watched six episodes which had the usual mixture of intrigue, sex and violence. I have to say that it is a good series with great characters and story lines but it can get a bit confusing sometime, especially for an old duffer like me.

On Sunday I got an email from James’ football team with a fixture list showing the games and venue. The first game was about a ten minute walk away which was great for me. I printed off the fixtures and gave them to James so he knew when, and where, the matches were. This just made him more hyper.

He was telling me about the team he was playing in the first match and they were very good. So the rest of Sunday was spent with James cleaning the fish tank and both of us preparing and eating a nice Sunday roast. After we cleared away I decided that James should watch a football match from the 70s. So I went on YouTube and found a game from 1972.

He could not believe it. In fact he laughed until the first crunching tackle went in. He also laughed at the kits, the boots, the referee and how un-athletic the players looked. He could not believe they were professional players. He couldn’t believe it when they showed the Manager in the dugout smoking a cigarette.

James got his school stuff ready for the week ahead while still laughing about the football. So I sent him to bed, laughing.

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