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Typical really, we have a half term and bank holiday and the weather goes all ‘British’ on us. From lovely sunshine and warm temperatures to four seasons in one day. Last week was in the mid twenties and this week in the mid teens. So James (name changed) and I decided to have a quiet beginning of week as we had a couple of barbeques to enjoy at the end of the week and the weekend.

The weekend had been busy but in a good way. I had some friends round on Saturday night and we played darts and watched the football. James was round Paige’s for the night so I could enjoy a slightly more raucous night and enjoy a beer or two. I hadn’t seen some of these friends for months so it was good to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. We made some plans for some mid week golf as well.

I picked James up on Sunday morning and we did our usual brunch at the garden centre before heading out to watch some 20 over cricket and support our County. It was a fun afternoon in the reasonable weather. We got home and I cooked a roast while watching the Grand Prix. We watched Netflix and James went to bed about 11 and I was tucked up at about midnight.

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Paige joined us for the day on Monday and we had lunch, watched a movie and then shared a takeaway in the evening. It was a fun day, especially as it was raining hard for most of it. We dropped Paige home about 10 and then watched a couple of Netflix episodes of a documentary series. This was a late one as James and I sat up until about 1am enjoying the programme. James went off to bed and I cleared up and checked emails and paid a bill. It then took me ages to get off to sleep.

I tossed and turned for ages for no apparent reason. I had nothing on my mind, no worries or concerns but sleep wasn’t happening. I got up about 3am and made a cup of tea and sat in the conservatory. I thought about life in general. James had really made a huge difference over the time had was placed with me and I was happy how things had gone with him.

He was a good lad and had experienced so much rubbish in his life and yet here he was happy and contented. I’ve never been one to ‘big myself up’ yet I knew I had made a big difference with James and we had worked well together as a team. We had similar likes and dislikes and neither of us were loud or aggressive so the house was nearly always calm and a nice place to be in.

James knew that I had his back and I knew I could trust him. He was good to be around and not demanding unlike some of the previous placements I’d had. The situation with Mum had quietened down again and there was no contact to organise. I hoped that things would remain the same but I knew that couldn’t be relied upon.

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