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The household feels different now. A loved up teenager, Christmas sorted, car passed its MOT, what can possibly go wrong?

James (name changed) seems to like his new ‘attached’ life style. I keep reminding him not to disassociate himself from his mates and he assures me he isn’t. The only negative for him at the moment is that football has been suspended due to the lockdown and he’d just got into the side. The bonus for me is that there are no early weekend starts to take him.

The great thing with James is that he is very good at entertaining himself and doesn’t mind his own company. I suspect this because of Mum’s negligence towards him. He has a number of TV shows he enjoys, likes watching sport, has his game console and, unusually these days, likes reading a book or magazine. He also helps around the house and now knows how to use the washing machine.

Does he have faults? He talks incessantly, spends far too long in the bathroom and sings when he has his headphones on. Sometimes it feels like he’s lived there for a lot longer than he has. I do feel sorry for him though.

He’s been through a lot in his life and I am sure I don’t know half of it yet plus it must be so difficult for all kids in today’s virus scenario to be able to enjoy life fully.

James went off to school today and I actually couldn’t think of something to do. I went for a walk and picked up some bits at Tescos. Got home and it was a bit difficult to get motivated to do anything, so I put a film on and sat and chilled.

You can’t beat some daytime laziness, occasionally. About 15:30 I roused myself and started to sort dinner out because James would be home shortly. My phone rang and it was James, can Paige come round for dinner and could I drop her home afterwards?

I checked to make sure her parents knew and agreed. So they came home shortly afterwards and after all the formalities we had dinner and chatted away until it was time to drop Paige home. We got to her very nice home and her Dad came out to say hello and the ‘handover’ was complete.

Driving home was quick and when we got in James was full of questions about what I thought of her. I told him that she was very nice, polite and they went well together. James went to bed and I updated my diary and answered a couple of emails.

The only nagging doubt I had in mind was what would happen if, and when, James had to go home to Mum. He enjoys life at the moment, he doesn’t want for anything and is healthy and happy but what if that’s changes and he has to go back to the chaos with Mum.

I parked those thoughts as nothing would be happening for a couple of months yet and why worry about something you cannot affect. I went to bed but found it difficult to sleep as I had a lot on my mind.

A Simply Fostering Blogging Foster Carer.

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