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James (name changed) asked if we could talk. It was unusual for him to start a conversation in that way, he normally just blurts it out. So, after talking to Paige he has decided to meet Mum.

It wasn’t that he particularly wanted to see her but more a case of wanting Mum to see what he had become since he had been away. I told him that the decision was entirely his and I would support him whatever he decided. I rang the social worker and told her what James had decided and why.

She appeared pleased but was concerned that his reason for seeing Mum wasn’t what she had expected. She wanted James to see her because he wanted to see her. I said that any communication was to be supported, regardless of the reason.

So she said that she would talk to Mum and get back to me. So we had a chilled day as the weekend had been busy for James. About 4 the social worker rang. Mum was delighted, she wanted 2 contacts a week plus daily phone contact and could I talk to James as to when we could start.

I replied that James had only agreed to one contact and that would be it for a start. If it went well then maybe something could be put into place. The social worker wasn’t happy with that and said that her and her manager wanted something regular with the aim of James returning home as soon as possible.

Link Worker Blog.

I said that I appreciated that but the decision was with James with regards to contact and reminded her of things that had happened previously with Mum. She said she would talk to her manager and call me the following day.

I spoke to my Link Worker and repeated the conversation. They said that the local authority wanted the file off the desk and James returned as soon as possible, probably for financial reasons. So we agreed to speak after the social worker called back.

I chatted to James about the conversation and he laughed when I said about the twice weekly contact and telephone calls. He said that he understood that he couldn’t stay with me forever but he didn’t want to go back to what happened before he came into care.

He said the drugs and lack of care was too scary for him to consider and that he’d run away.

The following day at precisely 9 the social workers manager called me. She wanted me to try to convince James to agree to regular contact. I told her about the conversation I’d had with him, regarding contact, but there were criteria to him agreeing.

I reminded her about the rehabilitation situation and that I hadn’t heard that she had completed it. She confirmed that Mum hadn’t and nothing was in place.

I couldn’t understand how any meaningful contact could be held if Mum was still a drug user. I said that I didn’t think it was in James best interests, at this time, for regular contact.

She obviously didn’t like my response and, after a few forced pleasantries, she ended the call. I sat and sent an email to my link worker, just to keep them updated.

I have a feeling this is going to be a bumpy week.

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