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Team Work | Foster Carer Blog

It’s been a quieter couple of days, which has been nice. The great thing about James (name changed) is that you don’t have to keep him entertained 24/7. When you have a younger placement it is totally full time with them, washing, dressing, finding stuff to keep them amused.

Team Work Blog.

When I think about having 5 placements at a time, like in the past when I was married, I don’t know how we coped. It was all, mainly, in the team work and being organised and having a routine that you stuck to.

So I had some online training to do for my agency so James kept himself entertained by taking a camera into the garden and photographing things. He was out there ages and seemed to be really enjoying himself.

Every time I looked out the window he was somewhere different, laying on the grass, or in the middle of a bush. He came back in eventually and after I had completed my training we downloaded the pictures onto the PC.

I have to say that I was amazed by the pictures he took. Flowers, plants, insects and birds, they were all creative and in focus. James was very pleased with the results and I emailed them through to him so he could see them on his phone.

He sent some through to Paige and she was equally impressed. So that’s another hobby for the lad.

A bit later I rummaged through my camera gear and found a Nikon D40 camera which I then gave to him, as his own. It’s not the most technical of cameras but it would give him something to use when he was out and about.

Trips Away Blog.

Later that day we went on a spending trip for James for his trip away with Paige. We got some swim shorts, tee shirts, flip flops and a new pair of trainers. I also found some nice shorts for him to wear in the evenings.

He had a couple of smart polo shirts but I bought him a couple more. When we got home he had a trying on session and everything fitted him fine. It was a shame that his trip to Spain had been cancelled, due to Covid, but hopefully a trip to Paige’s parent’s chalet would be good fun for him, plus we still had our trip to the Isle of Wight.

We received an email from his football club detailing the dates for training and all the arrangements. I had to buy new training kit for him plus other bits for him to wear when he is travelling to matches. That came to quite a tidy sum but it was a requirement so I did it.

He also needed some new football boots and trainers so that would be more money dished out. We agreed that we would sort his boots and trainers when he returned from his break and he was happy with that.

The next day we decided to have a lazy day with no shopping, in fact no anything. We both had a lie in and we sat out in the garden and James took more pictures.

I showed him how to download them and showed him the basics of editing. We have a budding David Bailey on our hands.

Fosterman Diaries Blog.

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