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Isle of Wight | Fosterman Blog

Fosterman Blog

The calendar is fast filling up over the summer. James (name changed) was having two trips away, one with me and one with Paige and her parents. James also has the start of football training to take into consideration as well.

I got a call from the social worker today and it’s been decided that contact would be after the summer holiday as the contact centre is now fully booked and nobody at the local authority had thought about making a provisional booking.

Apparently Mum is not impressed and is talking about getting a solicitor involved. I told James and he appeared relieved and happy. I know it’s difficult for him but he knows he has my 100% support in whatever he decides.

James Room Blog.

So, after all the drama of the last weeks or so it was nice to just relax and have fun. We went to the gym and had a work out. We went up to Chelsea’s ground for a stadium tour, which James loved, and had a mooch around Central London.

We had a swap round of James’ room and got rid of some of his old clothes. So James was a happy soldier and looking forward to his getaways. Over the weekend we did our normal weekend stuff plus some clothes shopping for James.

Got James some new shorts, both swimming and smart. But the highlight for James was the return of the Premier League and spending far too much time in front of the TV watching football. Sunday was basically a football fest.

We went out for breakfast and got back lunchtime and that was it, football and more football. We left, on the Monday to drive to Lymington to get the ferry over to the Isle of Wight.

The crossing was at 11 but I got down early and blagged us on to the 10 o’clock ferry. James was very excited and we took a seat on deck and watched the world go by.

The crossing is about 30/40 minutes and the sea was like a millpond. We disembarked and drove to Freshwater where our base was to be for the next few days. James appreciated the atmosphere of the Isle of Wight straight away.

There is only one pace to life and that is slow. We reached our base, collected the key and settled in. We had a cuppa and I had a quick dose before we walked the 400 yards to the sea. We sat for an hour just watching the sea.

James announced that he was hungry so we followed our noses to a chippy where we got the most delicious cod and chips which was eaten in about 5 minutes. We chilled for the rest of the day and made plans for the following day.

Osbourne House is a former home of Queen Victoria. We decided to visit it but I wasn’t sure how exciting James would find it. I shouldn’t have worried as he was really taken in by the whole tour.

The décor and furniture was quite awe inspiring and we took loads of pictures. When we left there we went to Newport, the main town on the Island, and had a wander.

In the evening we found a nice pub where we had a lovely meal.

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