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Losing Weight Fostering Blog

We celebrated at Paige’s house. Her parents were holding a house party on the proviso that we took a COVID test and it was negative.

We took an Uber there as I thought it would be nice to have a drink. We got there about 7pm and were introduced to a number of family and friends. James (name changed) had met most of them before but it was for me to meet people James had spoken about.

They were all very welcoming and the evening was a huge success. We celebrated at midnight and we all looked forward to a happy 2022. We got home at about 2 and James went off to bed while I locked up.

There was no alarms going off the following morning and I got myself up at about 10am while James didn’t surface until midday. I cooked us some brunch and we did pretty much nothing all day.

I got a phone call on Saturday night from a friend who said that he had 2 tickets to see Chelsea versus Liverpool on the Sunday. I said I would take them. I told James and he was very excited about going. The match kicked off at 4.30pm.

Fostering Blog

We left at about 2pm and got there in time to have something to eat. The game was very exciting and James really got involved in the atmosphere. The match finished in a draw. The journey home was fun. The Underground was very crowded so I suggested we walked back towards the West End.

We were in no rush so we had a really nice walk down the Kings Rd up to Sloane Square. We finally got to the over-ground station. Being a Sunday we had a bit of a wait for the next train but we finally got on one and headed home arriving back at about 9pm.

The next day was a Bank Holiday. James got his school stuff ready and then went off to meet Paige. I had a general tidy up and planned my week. Time to get back to a normal routine and start losing the weight I put on over the holiday period.

It also gave me time to think about the holiday period and the fun we had. James’ Mum had tried to call on a number of occasions. She had even gone to the extent of leaving a message for James asking if he had any money he could transfer to her and sent her bank details. She had even messaged me saying that she needed to use some of James’ savings for personal reasons.

Of course I didn’t respond but I was pretty sure I knew what those ‘personal reasons’ were. Altogether, over the whole festive period, I counted 28 phone calls.

I logged these details and sent both the Social Worker and my Link Worker a detailed email about how Christmas gone and what we had done and, also, about the contact we had received from James’ Mum.

I would follow this up with a phone call once James had returned to school on the Tuesday.

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