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Back to Normal Fostering Blog

We are back to normality. James (name changed) is back to school, I am back to being a house husband and domestic god and James’ Mum has made a complaint.

Apparently we had stopped James seeing his Mum and he had told her that he really wanted to see her. There was no information on how Mum had spoken to him and it was obvious that she was being dishonest. However the complaint had to be taken serious and a meeting was organised to cover it.

James’ Social Worker asked me to discuss the matter with him and to get his views on what Mum had said. So when James got home from school we sat down and had a chat. He laughed and said that he hadn’t had any contact with Mum and he had already made it clear the reasons why he didn’t want to see her.

I wrote down everything that was discussed and let James read through it. We then sent the notes through to both James’ Social Worker and my Link Worker. So that was cleared up and now left to the Social Worker to deal with.

On Tuesday evening James had football training so I ran him down there and hung around chatting to the other parents. The poor lad was exhausted afterwards and we got home to dinner and a hot bath. We had been given details of Saturday’s match which was at home so no long drives. Paige had said she wanted to attend the game so we would pick her up first.

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On Wednesday James went off to school and I did my normal routine of clearing up and cleaning. About midday the phone rang and I could see it was the school. James had taken a COVID test and it had come back positive!

Not only did this have repercussions for James but for me too. I drove to collect him and he seemed ok but frustrated at the thought of having to isolate. I told him that we would both have to isolate and that he would have to put up with me for a week.

He pulled a face and then laughed. I notified anyone that he had been in contact with over the last couple of days. I took a test later that day and mine was positive too. James said that it was good to share.

So, what were we going to do in isolation? James was given some schoolwork to do and I had some jobs to do around the house. We both started getting symptoms overnight. It was like an old fashion bout of flu. Fortunately I had plenty of medication for us both and we kept warm and hydrated.

The amazing thing was that it didn’t affect our appetite and we made sure we adhered to what my GP had told us to do, which was plenty of rest, we had no problem with that.

Paige did a good job of keeping James up to date with what was going on at school and we spent our day binge watching Netflix and watching old football matches on YouTube.

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