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We Dont Like Mondays Fostering Blog

Another busy weekend in the Fostering household. On Friday my Link Worker visited for a coffee and a catch-up.

It was really nice to have a face-to-face conversation rather than via Zoom which can be rather frustrating and subject to all kinds of connection issues.

We discussed James (name changed) and how he was progressing and what the long-term plans were with regards to a possible SGO and how that would work. We also looked into the relationship with Mum and the ups and downs that presented.

The Link Worker did her normal stuff. She walked around the property and peeped into James’ room. When James came home we sat and chatted over a cup of tea and I then left them to chat while I pottered about in the garden.

When I was called back in there were lots of smiles so I guess everything was ok. We carried on chatting for a while and then she left. James was in a good mood and was looking forward to the weekend. 

On Saturday James had a match which wasn’t too far away. It was a cold windy and wet morning so not ideal conditions. James enjoyed it and played well, scoring a couple of goals, which cost me money.

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After the game, we stopped off to do a bit of shopping and had a bit of lunch. James was obviously hungry and ate a much larger meal than I did. We got home afterward and James had a bath while I put his kit in the washing machine and his boots outside for him to clean.

James washed the boots down with a hose and cleaned them off and put them in the kitchen on newspaper. We sat and watched sports on the TV for the rest of the day and I cooked for us in the evening. Paige was spending time with her family so we had the weekend to ourselves.

We watched a film on Saturday night and James fell asleep in his chair. I woke him up at midnight and he went off to bed.

Sunday was a lazy day. We both got up at about 9 and James made us both a bacon sandwich while I made tea. We headed off to the garden center as James wanted to buy a couple of new fish with his goal-scoring money from the day before.

It was rammed there, really busy, but we finally found a parking space and headed for the fish. James selected a couple and was having a chat with the shop guy so I went and walked around, bumping into a couple of mates in the meantime.

We finally left and came home and I put dinner on while James introduced his fish to the tank, which has to be done in a certain way. With everything done and the fish settled in, we ate dinner and settled down to an afternoon of football. James sorted out his school stuff for the week and we both headed off to bed at about 10 pm.

Monday was a struggle for both of us with regards to getting up.

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