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Well Done | Foster Carer Blog

With seven weeks ahead we have been looking for ways of keeping James (name changed) entertained. So far we have a break on the Isle of Wight for the two of us, James going away with Paige’s family, some golf lessons and regular visits to the gym.

James also has some ideas for meeting his mates to play football and his club training starts soon.

The weekend was quiet, Paige has gone to Majorca with her parents and James is feeling a bit lovelorn. There have been a large number of texts and messages exchanged which keeps him happy.

We went shopping and also went to the garden centre for brunch. James looked at some more fish for the aquarium and chose a couple to add to his collection. When we got home he went through the whole procedure of carefully adding them to the tank after he had given the tank a clean.

Well Done Blog.

I have to say that he has really done a great job with the tank; it looks great and is very clean and tidy. I put some washing on and we sorted out what bits of James’ uniform could be retained for the next school year.

We chucked the shirts and the trousers, which were getting a little short, and the blazer might still fit him as long as he doesn’t grow too much over the holiday.  In the evening we got a Chinese takeaway and watch a film on the telly.

On Sunday he went off to play football with some friends so I put my feet up and relaxed. I then received a call from a friend who had 2 spare tickets for the British Superbikes at Brands Hatch. I called James and he said that he’d love to go. My friend picked us up and we spent a great afternoon watching the races.

We had great seats and a pit pass to allow us to walk the pit lane, which James loved. He got his picture taken with a couple of the riders too. We got home early evening and I checked some dinner together and we watched another film.

Monday was a lazy day. James had a lie in until 11 and I pottered about doing some chores. I had a parcel to collect from the Post Office so James came with me and we had a bit of a drive out.

The roads seem a lot busier now that a lot of the Covid restrictions have been lifted and we got caught in a traffic jam for half an hour. We stopped at the shopping centre and grabbed a coffee and watched the world go by.

When we got home James went for a nap and I received a call from his social worker to ask if James had changed his mind about seeing Mum. I said that he hadn’t and she didn’t seem impressed. I told her that I had spoken to him about it on a couple of occasions but he wasn’t changing his mind.

She said that her manager wanted the contact to go ahead but I replied that James had said, categorically, that he wasn’t interested in seeing her.

I had a feeling that this wouldn’t be the end of it and that there would be further calls over the next few days.

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