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Took James (name changed) to football training Tuesday night. He was excited to be back and the other lads and the coaches seemed happy to see him. I decided to hang around and wait for him as this was his first training session after Covid and he might struggle, but he seemed fine.

There was uncertainty if there was a match this weekend as the prospective opposition had suffered a Covid outbreak of their own and was struggling as their coaching group all had it as well. So I sat at the stand with a couple of other Dads and a cup of tea watching the boys train.

During a short break, the team manager came over and told us that the game was canceled as the other team didn’t have enough players and they wanted to give us plenty of warning. I knew James would be disappointed.

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After training, there was a quick team meeting and James came to find me in the clubhouse. We drove the short journey home and James was babbling on about how much he had enjoyed the training and how disappointed he was that the game had been canceled.

I made us some scrambled egg on toast and we had a cuppa and sat and chilled for a while. James said that he was feeling the effects of training and went off to enjoy a nice hot bath, while I cleaned and tidied. James went off to bed, shortly after his bath, and I sent a couple of emails, updated my diary, and paid a couple of bills.

The following day James was walking around the kitchen like I was the previous weekend. He looked like an old man and was wincing with the pain. Of course, I didn’t laugh, well not much anyway. He went off to school while I had a day of chores to do. I had a large amount of washing to do so I started with that and tidied while that was going.

As it was warm and windy out I decided to hang the washing up rather than using the tumble dryer. I chatted to my Link Worker at lunchtime, just giving her an update on how James was and hearing from her about some new training courses that I might be interested in. I signed up for a couple of online courses and a couple that I needed to update on.

Training isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but I actually really enjoy them. Obviously, I prefer face-to-face training but the online Zoom-type sessions can be just as fun.

Our Training person is really great and I worked with her at a Local Authority where I started my fostering career many moons ago. She has a nice easy way of presenting the courses with plenty of two-way communication.

Bring a gobby so and so I tend to be happy to talk when others just want to sit and listen. I have done many courses before and all I can say is enjoy them and learn from them. It also impresses the panel whenever that happens.

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