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Over Doing It Foster Carers Blog

A great weekend was had by all. Friday night James (name changed) and I went to the gym. To say he tortured me would be an understatement.

He took far too much pleasure in seeing an old man go very red in the face. But it was fun and James worked himself as hard as he worked me. The gym was very quiet, which helped as we never had to wait for any piece of machinery.

We were there about an hour and then headed home. James showered while I got some healthy food ready and then James served up while I was in the shower. After we ate we sat and watched a bit of TV and I could feel the effects of the gym beginning to appear.

We made some plans for Saturday and Sunday. James was at Paige’s on Saturday night and was staying over so I said I would pick him up Sunday morning and we could go to the gym after. We were going to go on Saturday if I was able to move, and then shopping, home and James would then get ready to see Paige. It all fitted in.

James went off to bed about 11 and I tidied up, locked up, did my daily diary and went to bed.

I knew I was in trouble as soon as I woke up Saturday morning. The aching seemed to cover most of my body, even my eyelids! As I limped into the kitchen I could hear James getting up. He saw me moving slowly and stiffly and laughed a lot.

In fact, he became quite hysterical with laughter. I admit I laughed too. So it was decided that stretching was the plan at the gym. It was busy when we got there so we went into the warm-up room where there were mats on the floor.

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James, being young, was naturally supple and could do most of the exercises quite easily. Me, being old and stiff, struggled but gave it my best shot. I did feel better after a while and told James that I needed to stretch before each session of whatever horrors he had in mind.

We did about 30 minutes of cardio either on a bike or the rowing machine, again hard work but strangely enjoyable. We finished with a few goes on the weight machines but nothing too strenuous. We left, did some shopping and when we got home James went off to shower and organise an overnight bag to go to Paige’s.

I dropped him over about 6 and waved to Paige as she answered the door. I drove home and collapsed onto the settee. Hands up I have to admit to getting a takeaway delivered but I was allowed under James’ strict new regime.

I sat and watched TV and found some documentaries to watch on Netflix. I finally got off to bed at about midnight.

Yes, I did ache the following day! I got up at about 10 as I was expecting to pick James up but he texted to say that he’d been asked to stay for Sunday dinner so I had a reprieve.

I generally pottered about until James got home at about 7 pm. He actually mentioned going to the gym, but I laughed and he got the message.

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