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I had a quiet weekend. James (name changed) didn’t though. Mr Sociable was a busy boy and I didn’t really see much of him.

On Friday night he went around a mate’s for dinner. The friend was walking distance so no involvement was required from yours truly. He got home about eleven and was full of the joys of spring. His friend’s dad is a police officer so he definitely behaved himself. I’d met the dad on a couple of occasions and he was a really nice guy, full of banter and very positive about life.

He was the kind of person you want to be around. His son was very similar and was probably James’ best friend. He had inherited a lot of his father’s traits and, again was the sort of friend I wanted for James. His friend liked one of Paige’s friends so they were trying to set up a trip to the cinema between the four of them.

While James was out I received a call from a guy that I had spoken to on a couple of occasions regarding fostering. He was concerned that he had approached a Local Authority over a month ago and they had said that they would arrange for someone to visit him, but nobody had been in touch. I suggested that he contacted them one more time and if he didn’t hear within a week then contact somebody else, maybe not a Local Authority.

He was concerned whether being a single man that the Local Authority weren’t interested, but I told him that I would be very surprised if that was the case. He promised to call me once he had heard from somebody.

On Saturday we went to do out shopping and James had decided that he only wanted healthy eating while he wasn’t playing football so he wouldn’t put weight on. We got home and James cleaned that fish tank out while I put the shopping away. That afternoon he went out with Paige to the local shopping centre. I gave him some extra money for him to buy a new shirt he had seen on a previous visit.

They had something to eat while they were there so I sat in the garden and had my lunch alone. They then came back for a couple of hours and sat in the garden themselves. I dropped Paige home about 8.

Sunday Blog

Sunday was a busy day. A friend of mine had invited James and I around for a barbeque and to watch the England game. We got over about 1230 and had a lovely afternoon. It was very sunny and hot but I had taken some sun cream and a hat for James.

We watched the game, which England won, and then spent the afternoon and some of the evening in the garden. There were about 20 people there and James enjoyed some banter and chatting with some of my mates. We finally got home about 9 and James went off to bed pretty early afterwards as he was tired.

I was tidying up and checking emails when James came out of his room saying he was too hot to sleep. I found a spare fan and we set it up in his room.

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