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After a busy and rather emotional week I thought we would have a quiet peaceful week, but I was mistaken. James (name changed) had been invited to a party at a friend’s house on Saturday night and James wanted to attend. So, after checking the arrangements, he got the go ahead from me. Paige was going so James asked if we could pick her up and then drop her home afterwards.

On the Friday night we grabbed a takeaway and watched a film on the TV. Saturday was spent shopping and we then bought James a new shirt to wear that evening. James started getting ready about 5 o’clock, had a bath and put on about half a bottle of after shave.

I suspect Paige could smell it a couple of miles away. He was finally ready about 7pm and we set off to collect Paige. James knocked on her door, when we got there, and she came out with her Dad. He asked me if I was ok picking them both up and that he was happy to do it otherwise, but I assured him that I was ok doing it and he seemed happy with that.

We set off for the party and, on arrival, I went to check with the boy’s parents that everything was ok. They assured me that there was no alcohol and that they would be there all night. So I left and drove home. I watched some football and generally relaxed.

I was due to pick up James and Paige at midnight. I left at 1145 and arrived at the house. All appeared ok, no Police cars and no loud music.

Paige and James came out with another couple and I was asked if I could drop them off too. They didn’t live far away so I was happy to oblige.

I dropped Paige home and we got in about 0030. James said he had a great time and there had been no issues except some boys who tried to gate crash. He headed off to bed and I locked up.

Next day blog.

The next day we went out for breakfast and sat and watched the world go by for a while. We went for a walk and generally relaxed. We went home and watched the Grand Prix and some football. James had some homework to finish so he did that while I cooked some dinner. He asked me, over dinner, whether I had spoken to his social worker lately and had she heard from his Mum. I promised him that I would call her the next day for an update.

James went off to school, the next day, and I phoned the social worker but she was unavailable, so I left a voicemail asking her to call me.

She finally called me back after lunch. She had spoken to Mum who was obviously under the influence of something as she was incoherent. Apparently she then became abusive and stopped the conversation.

When the social worker tried to call back it was obvious that Mum had blocked her number. The social worker told me that she would organise to visit James’ Mum during the week and would update me.

When James got home I updated him and he rolled his eyes and said that he wasn’t surprised.

Fosterman Diaries Blog.

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