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Back to reality and early mornings, deep joy. But the last couple of weeks have been excellent and it’s given both of us a break from routine and the usual things. But now James (name changed) has a couple of weeks of hard work to get through with revision and the exams themselves. Monday was hard for both of us and we shared the occasional grunt as we had breakfast.

I decided to drop James in as I had to go the post office and thought it would do me good to get out early. James appreciated the lift and, by the time I dropped him off, he was almost a functioning human being. 

Foster Care Chores

I did my chores, a bit of shopping and returned home. I cleared away the breakfast things and sat down, in the garden, with a coffee. I was soon back inside as the heavens opened and it was a bit blowy too. So I sat indoors and tried to get motivated for the day but failed, miserably. I decided, therefore, to have a lazy one.

The place was tidy, washing was up to date, dishwasher was on, beds were made and the only thing that needed attention was the garden, but it was raining. So, I sat and had a Netflix day until his lordship returned later. I actually got my backside into gear about 3pm and started to do a nice roast dinner for both of us.

James got in about 4 and looked shattered, bless him. We sat and had a lovely dinner and he perked up a bit. He sat and did some revision and we then watched a bit of TV. He went to bed at 9pm and that was him finished for the day.

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The next day things were a bit more back to normal. James was still miserable when he got up but brightened up after a tea and crumpets. He went off to school while I unloaded the dishwasher and decided to go out for a big shop. I got some nice things for us both and spent a tidy sum. I also went into a travel agent and looked at some holiday ideas for the summer. Thought it would be nice to have a week away somewhere, just the 2 of us, and give us both something to look forward to. So I broached the subject with James when he got home and he was really keen.

The middle of the week was back to revision and exams for poor old James. I could see the pressure he was under and it reminded me of going through the same as a young man. I went to a Grammar School and my O’Levels, as they were called then, were held during the heat wave of 1976.

Being a Grammar School we were not allowed to remove our blazers and ties as we sat in the school hall with no windows open. It was only after a girl fainted during an exam that the rules were relaxed but that was halfway through the exams.

Nowadays there would be real hoo-ha if the same thing happened.

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