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Holiday Blog | Fosterman James

We were coming to the end of our short stay on the Isle of Wight. It was exactly what we needed, a nice relaxing break with no phone calls, no issues and plenty of time to enjoy the coast and the countryside.

It really is the most beautiful place and certainly on my list for retirement. Today we took a boat trip from Alum Bay around the Needles and the lighthouse. It was a bit choppy but we both managed to keep our breakfasts down and it was fantastic to be out on the sea.

James (name changed) so nearly lost his phone overboard but hung on to it. That’s evening, our last evening, we went to Godshill and had a meal in a lovely pub.

The atmosphere was really great and the food was fantastic. We drove back to our base and sat and watched a film until the early hours. Our ferry was at 2pm so we could have a lie in. After the film was finished we packed our bags, keeping out clothes for the return journey and our wash bags.

Journey Home Blog.

We woke about 10am and James jumped in the shower while I made tea and breakfast. James was genuinely sorry to be leaving as he had enjoyed the break and the things the Island had to offer. He asked if we could come back one day and I said we would see what happens, but it would be nice to do so.

We got to the ferry terminal nice and early and got on the ferry and out of the car quickly. We stood up on the deck for the duration of the journey and went back to the car when asked to do so when we reached Lymington.

We had a nice easy journey home stopping at Clacket Lane services for a ‘comfort break’ and some food. We got home at about 7pm and I immediately loaded clothes into the washing machine and made a cuppa.

James went and called Paige and had a long chat with her and came back into the front room saying he was hungry. I made us both a sausage sandwich and we found some football to watch.

We both had a relatively early night after making plans for the rest of the week. James went off with Paige and her family on Saturday so we had a couple of days to sort out. So we decided to have one lazy day and then a busy day on Friday getting him sorted for his next holiday break.

Our lazy day was just that. I got up about 9am as I had some things to do and James got up about midday looking bleary eyed.

We sat in the garden with our hot drinks and chatted about ‘stuff’. All of James’ clothes had been washed and dried so he had a bit of a sort out of the clothes he wanted to take.

We sorted out his wash stuff and made a list of toiletries he needed so we could pick them up the following day.

I also made some plans for the following week such as a round of golf and catching up with friends. Before I realised, Id got myself a busy week.

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