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New Boots | Fostering Blog

The boy has returned! After a week away James (name changed) has returned looking about 3 inches taller.

The washing machine went on and James bag was emptied and he sat and told me, day by day, what they had done and how much fun he had had. He emptied his pockets and still had virtually all the money he had taken with him as Paige’s parents had not allowed him to pay for anything.

He asked if we could put the money towards some new football boots and I said yes. I reminded him that he was back to school this coming Thursday and he rolled his eyes and said that he knew.

That evening we watched football and I got a takeaway which we both enjoyed. It was nice to have him back and he seemed happy to be back as well.

On Sunday we decided to go football boot shopping and try to get the rest of his uniform. The shops were a bit manic but we managed to get him new shoes and school trousers as well as a new blazer. I don’t think that people realised the uniform shop was open on a Sunday as it was empty.

New Boots Blog.

However we then came to the most difficult part of the day, James choosing his football boots. We went to Sports Direct (other shops are available) and it took James 2 hours to decide what he wanted. Now when I played football the choice of boot colour was easy, it was black or black.

But now there appears to be every colour of the rainbow. I told him, helpfully, that he had to wake into consideration the colour of his team kit and he looked at me as if I was mad. As he had holiday money left he asked if he could get firm and soft ground boots.

I said it depended on what the cost was and I told him what I was prepared to pay. Being Sports Direct they had a few deals on and, we managed to get some matching boots for both ground conditions. They were fluorescent yellow and frankly were horrible but James was delighted and very excited.

We eventually got home and sat and watched the football whilst I cooked a roast as the poor lad said he was starving. After dinner he put all his school uniform away and we planned the rest of the week.

On Monday he went out with Paige and I did some chores and did a weekly shop. When James got home we sat and went through to check he had everything for school. Due to the length of time he was out of school, due to Covid, there wasn’t really anything he needed. His school bag was fine and he still had most of his stationary.

We decided to have a day out the following day returning home in time for him to go to training in the evening.

He asked if I had heard from his Social Worker and I told him about the conversation I had had on the Monday he was away. He seemed happy with that and no more was mentioned about Mum.

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